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For God, who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, hath shined in our hearts, to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ — 2 Corinthians 4:6

This is the authorized website of the
Covenant Reformed Presbyterian Church (CRPC),
a Reformed and Presbyterian denomination organized in 1997.


Brief Introduction

This denomination originated from four meetings that took place over a year's period of time with representatives from a small group of churches committed to the historical Reformed faith and basic presbyterial polity.  Some had left other small denominations and others had begun as independents.  We began these meetings after independently concluding that larger "conservative" Reformed and Presbyterian denominations of North America were composed of a far broader spectrum of doctrinal tolerance than we believed consistent with the Bible and their confessional standards (both Westminster and Three Forms of Unity).  While many good churches exist in these various denominations, each of our churches decided that the battles being fought among the various factions within each of these larger denominations were tending in the direction of lesser rather than greater adherence to their confessional standards.  Other smaller denominations of the same general theological persuasion that might have been options, were either too parochial, ethnic or centered around one particular prominent leader.  While not wishing to add to the number of small Reformed and Presbyterian denominations, we concluded that while we continued our search for a denomination or federation with which we could conscientiously identify or merge, we would form a denomination on a interim basis and continue our search as a group of churches.  Thus began the CRPC.   A more thorough introduction to the CRPC is linked here.

While the search continues, the CRPC has developed a unique Constitution composed of the Westminster Confessional Standards of the Westminster Confession of Faith (1647), Larger Catechism (1648) and Shorter Catechism (1648), along with the Three Forms of Unity; and added to it virtually unalterable doctrines of polity and worship gleaned from the Westminster Form of Government (1645) and Directory for Publik Worship (1645). This is intended to be a rather static document with many requirements to be met before it can be altered. An additional church document was added entitled By-Laws: Principles and Practices of Church Life (also known as The Book of Church Government). These help bring to expression the Scriptural principles found in the Constitution and thus is secondary to it. There are three documents contained in the By-Laws — The Directory of Church Order (DCO), The,Directory of Church Discipline (DCD), and The Directory of Church Worship (DCW)all form a manual of practice for the denomination. Since the forming of the Constitution in 2005, the American Presbytery is in the process of revising these three directories to bring them into full conformity with the new Constitution and to eliminate some inconsistencies. As of December 29, 2005, the Directory for Church Worship (DCW) has been fully revised. If there is any contradiction between the By-Laws and the Constitution, the Constitution supersedes the By-Laws. (For more CRPC download information, see table below.)

It should be noted that the CRPC holds to the ORIGINAL Westminster Confession and Catechisms and not one of the various American versions (which made substantive changes from 1788 onwards yet kept the same name with various revision dates up into the 1900's) which, in our opinion, watered down the Lordship of Christ over civil magistrates in the original as well as some other doctrines. (Find more information on this here.)

The CRPC invites other churches which find themselves in similar circumstances to consider joining us in our search together.  Other denominations are invited to inquire on discussions that might lead to working relationships and even fraternal relations, in hopes of eventual unity if God so leads. See the Society of Presbyteries and Reformed Churches for more information on the efforts the CRPC has extended to promote such unity. (At the present time, we are in discussion with one other small denomination regarding fraternal relations. We have extended offers of discussions regarding the same to two others. We have submitted our reasons for not joining with one other denomination--see Short Report for October 19-21, 2004 for details.)

Next American Presbytery Meeting
Covenant Reformed Presbyterian Church

Interested parties and churches are invited. 
(Notice of attendance requested to help with facility arrangements. )

November 16-17, 2020
Meeting begins Monday, November 16 and officially adjourns on Tuesday, November at noon, though sometimes we finish earlier. Meeting start time to be decided and announced

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CONVENING & HOST CHURCH:  (contact re: docket/agenda)

King's Reformed Presbyterian Churchre
Rudy Poettcker, Pastor
email: rep @ reformation . edu

Roy Burrell, Elder
email: roy @ reformation . edu

mailing address:
2105 Spring Creek Cir. NE
Palm Bay, Florida 32905 U.S.A.

Phone:  321-676-3373

July 20-21, 2022
Des Moines, Iowa
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