Covenant Reformed Presbyterian Church Reports, A Conservative Reformed Denomination

american presbytery short report for


July 13-14, 2009

Held at Ankeny, Iowa

·       The American Presbytery was called to order at 7:06 pm, with opening prayer, devotions and singing of a Psalm.

·       Roll Call of members was taken, a declaration of Quorum was made and guests from Sovereign Grace Church of Des Moines, Iowa were recognized.

·       Rev. Geoffrey Donnan was elected as Moderator, Elder Jerry Clay was elected as Secretary, and Rev. Asgar Hamid was elected as the preparer of the Short Report.

·       Read the “Introductory Principles of CRPC.”

·       Discussed and determined the order of the day and the docket.

·       The minutes of the stated meeting of November 10-12, 2008 and the minutes of the special meeting of March 3, 2009 were approved.

·       We received reports from each of the churches present.

·       Examined Mr. Jason Crenshaw and approved him for licensure.

·       Discussed and adapted the overture from Rev. Donnan to replace “Licensure to Preach” with “Licensure to Exhort” in our official documents.

·       Decided that Rev. Donnan and Rev. Poettcker will propose an overture to next presbytery regarding the procedure for examination for licensure and ordination.

·       Discussed what version of the Three Forms of Unity to be used on CRPC website. Decided to take up this matter at the next presbytery.

·       It was determined that the next meeting will be Nov 2-4, 2009; the hosting and convening church will be King’s Reformed Presbyterian Church, Palm Bay, FL.