Covenant Reformed Presbyterian Church Westminster Confession of Faith, Westminster Larger and Shorter Catechism

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Principles and Practice of Church Life
(aka. The Book of Church Government)

The CRPC Constitution is derived from the Westminster Standard's "The Form of Presbyterial Church-Government" (1645) and "The Directory for the Publick Worship of God" (1645) those things which are clearly "regulative" and thus doctrinal in the areas of polity and worship. These are intended to stay quite static (as they should).

Supplemental and subordinate to the Constitution are the CRPC By-Laws: Principles and Practice of Church Life which are "wisdom" or "administrative" matters (derived as much as possible from Scripture but not considered as regulative as those matters in the Constitution). These are called the Book of Church Government (BCG) and are composed of three directories: The Directory of Church Order (DCO), the Directory of Church Discipline (DCD) and the Directory of Church Worship (DCW). Along with their appendixes and the position papers, these are more subject to occasional changes.

Our church documents are downloadable below. Please be aware that these are in Adobe Acrobat format (.pdf). Thus, you will need to rely on your browser's "BACK" button to return to this page.  If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader download this before attempting to open the links below.


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Contains Constitution, 303 kb download.

Contains The Book of Church Government with
Directory of Church Order and Appendixes
Directory of Church Discipline
Directory of Church Worship
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Individual files are below

Individual files are below

Directory of Church Order and Appendixes

Part 1 of CRPC By-Laws
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Part 2 of CRPC By-Laws
419 kb download

Part 3 of CRPC By-Laws
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