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October 19-21, 2004

Held at Manassas, Virginia

The Reformed Presbyterian Church (Hanover Presbytery) of Manssas hosted the National Presbytery of the Covenant Reformed Presbyterian Church, along with the Convocation of several other presbyteries to investigate the prospects of some form of union.  Other presbyteries present were the Hanover Presbytery as well as the American Reformation Presbyterian Church.  As a result of the meeting (see short report), no union was considered possible.

The CRPC Presbytery was held in meeting room for two days while the Convocation took place in the main worship room.  Delegates present for this meeting were (left to right) Geoffrey Donnan (Teaching Elder, Fellsmere, FL); Brian Schwertley (Teaching Elder, Manawa, WI); Frank Smith (Teaching Elder, Sheboygan, WI); Jerry Clay (Ruling Elder, Milton, WI); Ron DeTroye (Ruling Elder, Sheboygan, WI); Dan Gibson (Teaching Elder, Milton, WI); Rudy Poettcker (Teaching Elder, Fellsmere, FL).

Observing the deliberations were (from the left) Mrs. Ron DeTroye (Pam); Mrs. Frank Smith (Penny); and three observer teaching elders from the Reformed Presbyterian Church (Hanover Presbytery).

convocation pictures

Due to the fact that not all names were recorded for those in this picture, none will be listed.  Taken in the main worship room of the Reformed Presbyterian Church (Hanover Presbytery) in Manassas, VA.

Convocation deliberations, while cordial, proved unable to reach a functional accord that represented any semblance of polity unity, though all agreed upon the substance of the Westminster Confession of Faith.  See link for more information.

Richard Bacon, presents some issues that were clearly setting forth some of the issues that made union impossible.  He represented the American Reformation Presbyterian Church (one church at the time) from Texas.

Of course, there is always a time for a smile from some of our delegates.  Rudy Poettcker (left) and Dan Gibson (right) smile for the camera when asked to do so.