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October 31 - November 1, 2006
Hingham, Wisconsin

The gathered delegates and observers at this presbytery: from right to left: Jim TenDolle (Deacon, Sheboygan, WI); Peter Ruel (Ruling Elder candidate observer, Gettysburg, PA); Gene Osborn (Teaching Elder, Ohio); Justin Stodghill (Licentiate, Janesville, WI); Dan Gibson (Teaching Elder, Janesville, WI); Rudy Poettcker (Teaching Elder, Paramaribo, Suriname); Marty Waltho (Teaching Elder, Manawa, WI); Frank Smith (Teaching Elder, Sheboygan, WI); Al Wilson (Ruling Elder, Sheboygan, WI); Geoffrey Donnan (Teaching Elder, Palm Bay, FL); Jerry Clay (Ruling Elder, Janesville, WI); Ron DeTroye (Ruling Elder, Sheboygan, WI); John Pedersen (Teaching Elder observer, Gettysburg, PA); Steve Corsello (Ruling Elder observer, Coopersburg, PA); Alistair Mathews (Ruling Elder candidate, Sheboygan, WI). (Picture taken by Penny Smith)

First day of presbytery meeting in Hingham, Wisconsin. 

Second day of presbytery.

Examination of Licentiate Justin Stodghill, to become teaching elder and associate pastor of the Janesville church.  Justin Stodghill in center, Teaching Elder Frank Smith to the left, Ruling Elder Jerry Clay on the right.

Teaching Elder Dan Gibson, displaying an unusual frown for the camera.

Justin Stodghill displaying part of his bagpiping skill from the Marine Bagpipers during a break time.

This is the full dress for the Marine Pipers.  This is not a normal part of our presbytery meetings.

Fellowship time after presbytery at the Ten Dolle's home.  In the rocker is teaching elder Gene Osborn, of Ohio, who transferred into the CRPC to become a church planter.

Teaching elder Frank Smith with his wife Penny at the fellowship (back center); teaching elder Gene Osborn (right in chair).

Geoffrey Donnan, co-pastor of the church in Fellsmere, Florida at fellowship time.