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November 2-3, 2009

Held at Palm Bay, Florida

Our meeting took place at the home in Palm Bay, Florida, of Rev. Rudy Poettcker, Co-Pastor of the King's Reformed Presbyterian Church of Palm Bay.  The gathered delegates and visitors at this presbytery: from left to right: Rudy Poettcker (Teaching Elder, Palm Bay, FL); Dan Gibson (Teaching Elder, Milton, WI); Geoffrey Donnan (Teaching Elder, Palm Bay, FL); Steve Woodbury (ordained minister, Reformed Baptist); Asgar Hamid (Teaching Elder, Paramaribo, Suriname, So. America);  Jerry Clay (Ruling Elder, Milton, WI); Mike Waters (Teaching Elder, Sovereign Grace Church, Des Moines, IA), David Stevens (Ruling Elder, Sovereign Grace Church, Des Moines, Iowa).  The delegates from Sovereign Grace Church, Des Moines, IA, were initially observers, but after Pastor Mike Waters was received as a minister and the church was received into the Covenant Reformed Presbyterian Church, they were seated as delegates.   




The meeting took place in a sunny dining area.

















The moderator for the meeting was Pastor Asgar Hamid (left) from Paramaribo, Suriname, seated next to Pastor Rudy Poettcker, Co-Pastor of King's Reformed Presbyterian Church.
























Elder Jerry Clay served as the meeting's secretary.





















Pastor Mike Waters spent over four hours in doctrinal discussions with the presbytery prior to being unanimously received. 














During the above mentioned theological discussion, a good deal of time was spent on sorting out what was thought to be a theological distinction.  In the final analysis, it was a matter of semantics and was agreed as acceptable.













Pastor Steven Woodbury, a Reformed Baptist from Newberry, Florida, experienced his first presbytery meeting and spoke of his experience as being that of a sponge.  He had never seen the kind of theological interaction beyond the local church level and said that he learned a great deal.  He said it was refreshing to see the vigorousness with which different positions before the presbytery were taken, but in the final analysis, after all was discussed, the vote was unanimous in all decisions made. 









After the theological discussion and the final decision to receive both Pastor Waters and Sovereign Grace Church of Des Moines, he was administered his vows as an office-bearer in the Covenant Reformed Presbyterian Church by the presbytery Moderator, Asgar Hamid.   These will later be taken in front of the congregation and administered by representatives of the congregation at a mutually convenient time.









After the taking of vows, the presbytery prayed for Pastor Waters, Elder David Stevens and the Sovereign Grace Church of Des Moines, Iowa. 










The right hand of fellow extended to both Pastor Waters and Elder David Stevens.



















It will be of interest to some of you that Pastor Mike Waters, before his conversion, was a member of a street gang and was arrested on numerous times for numerous things.  Several members of his church come out of that background as well.


Is it not a marvel of God's grace to see such a "rebel" brought to Christ and serving as a pastor to draw other "rebels" to Himself.








For those who regularly frequent the picture reports, you are aware that a number of pictures are devoted to the "ordinance" of fellowship around the breakfast, mid-day and evening meals.  To the shame of the photographer, this time so much food was involved and other activities, that it was overlooked.  I realize that this means you really cannot judge the value of our fellowship to its fullest extent.  We will try to do better at the next meeting.  In the meantime, go back to the last presbytery meeting and review the fellowship meals there and just imagine barbecue ribs and chicken, cole slaw, corn bread, sweet potatoes (and much more good southern food) and you will be up to speed without the pictures.






Pastor Steven Woodbury pose with his wife Toni during one of the several fellowship meals (not pictured).






















During a break time, Mrs. Sharilyn Poettcker, wife of Pastor Rudy Poettcker, was caught carrying around their parrot (Kato) from Suriname. 













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