Covenant Reformed Presbyterian Church Reports, A Conservative Reformed Denomination

american presbytery short report for


October 21-22, 2003

Manawa, Wisconsin

Prepared by Rev. James Connelly

The meeting of the CRPC presbytery took place in Manawa, Wisconsin.  All churches except Paramaribo, Suriname, were in attendance.  After prayer and devotions, psalms were sung.  A quorum was determined and the following officers were elected:  TE Geoff Donnan, moderator;  RE Jim Brown, Secretary; and TE Jim Connelly, Preparer of Short Report.

The minutes of the July 22, 2003 meeting were approved as corrected.  Reports from the churches and ministers were received.  Communications were read and the docket was adopted.  RE Mike Pregontís resignation was accepted as Communications Secretary was accepted.  RE Jim Brown was elected to replace him. 

Some changes were adopted in the Directory of Church Order.  The Book of Church Government was adopted.  Discussion of church growth took place and the CRPC website was updated.  The next presbytery will be held at Kingís Reformed Presbyterian Church, Fellsmere, Florida, February 17-18, 2004.  The meeting was adjourned.