Covenant Reformed Presbyterian Church Reports, A Conservative Reformed Denomination

american presbytery short report for


October 19-21, 2004

Manassas, Virginia

Prepared by Rev. Brian Schwertley

The National Presbytery of the Covenant Reformed Presbyterian Church was convened on October 19, 2004 at 9:00 am. All churches were represented. Guests were introduced and given privilege of the floor.

Teaching Elder Frank Smith was elected moderator, Teaching Elder Rudy Poetteker was elected secretary and Brian Schwertley was chosen as the preparer of the short report.

Reports were taken from the churches. Of note: Geoff Donnan is recovering from the effects of multiple hurricanes in Florida. King’s Reformed Presbyterian Church is looking for a new home. Covenant Community Reformed Church has been having a lot of visitors recently. Covenanted Reformed Presbyterian Church has some new regular attendees. Covenant Reformed Presbyterian Church has implemented improvements geared to the edification of the church.

After the reports, prayer was offered to God on behalf of these congregations.

Edwin Elliot was given opportunity to defend his membership in the Masons before presbytery. This involved friendly questions and interaction.

There was a discussion of changes to the Constitution. These changes (after minor modifications) were approved and will be voted on for final approval at the next meeting of Presbytery.

A pastoral letter was considered by Presbytery on the Auburn Avenue theology. After a number of changes were made, the Pastoral letter was unanimously adopted.

Presbytery went into a committee of the whole to discuss the situation of possible union with the Hanover Presbytery. It was decided not to pursue union with the Reformed Presbyterian Church, Hanover Presbytery at this time.

Presbytery met in convocation with the Hanover Presbytery and the American Reformation Presbyterian Church. The statement concerning why there will be no union with Hanover Presbytery was read during this convocation. Presbytery was dismissed after this convocation.