Covenant Reformed Presbyterian Church Reports, A Conservative Reformed Denomination

american presbytery short report for


November 1-2, 2005

Hingham, Wisconsin

Prepared by Rev. Asgar Hamid

After the election of the meeting officers, the minutes of the American Presbytery meeting of Jan. 05 were adopted. Reports were heard from our five churches; followed by prayer for these ministries. Dealt with various other communications.

Received the resignation of Elder Jim Brown as Communication Secretary. Appointed Rev. Donnan to this task. Discussed and received the papers on “Distinctives of the CRPC ”, “Superiority of the Original Westminster Confession of Faith”, and “Introduction to the CRPC ”. Received a report from the Ad Hoc Committee re: Procedures for the American Presbytery and a report of the editorial changes/corrections from the keeper of the documents. Received various letters of response to communications. Passed the overtures to seek depository arrangements for CRPC history and to re-write the By-Laws so as to refine them. Informally discussed the intention of the congregational presbytery of Manawa to take that congregation out of the CRPC .

It was also decided that the next American Presbytery meeting would be held in Janesville, Wisconsin on December 29, 2005 .