american presbytery short report for


Special Meeting of December 28, 2006

Held by conference call.

Prepared by Teaching Elder Asgar Hamid

  • The American Presbytery convened on December 28, 2006 via teleconference at 7:38 p.m. EST. Churches “present” consisted of Manawa, Sheboygan, and Janesville from Wisconsin; Fellsmere from Florida and Paramaribo from Suriname.

  • After electing the moderator, secretary and preparer of short report, it was decided to go into closed session.

  • The Presbytery approved the resignation of Justin Stodghill as associate pastor of the Janesville church.

  • Decided to send a letter to the congregation of Janeville notifying them that they need to deal with matters with their congregational presbytery before bringing it to the regional presbytery.

  • Appointed a committee to discuss and make suggestions to the Presbytery regarding Justin Stodghill’s ministerial credentials.

  • Presbytery adjourned with prayer at 10:00 p.m. EST..