Covenant Reformed Presbyterian Church Reports, A Conservative Reformed Denomination

american presbytery short report for


Special Meeting of February 19, 2007

Held by phone conference

  • The American Presbytery convened on February 19, 2007 via teleconference at 6:32 p.m. CST.  Churches “present” consisted of Sheboygan and Janesville from Wisconsin; representatives of the mission work in New London, Wisconsin, Palm Bay, Florida and Paramaribo from Suriname.

  • A challenge was received from the floor with respect to the Manawa/New London church status as a particular church.  The church was seated at the time and declared part of the quorum by the chair, with challenge (though not voted because it was not the stated purpose of the meeting), but this decision was reversed at the June 11-13, 2007 regular American Presbytery meeting (see that short report) upon review of the minutes of this meeting.

  • Roll Call of members was taken, a declaration of Quorum was made.  Discussion was limited to CRPC delegates.

  • Ruling Elder Jerry Clay was elected as moderator.

  • Teaching Elder Frank Smith was elected as secretary.

  • The short report preparation was deferred till the June Presbytery meeting (now completed).

  • The stated purpose of the meeting was to receive and act on the report of the committee formed at the December 28, 2006 Special Presbytery meeting on the status of the credentials of TE Justin Stodghill (resulting from his resignation and the reasons leading up to it) and his on-going participation in the Manawa/New London mission work.  Additionally, some details with respect to the next stated meeting in June were to be decided.

  • The report from the committee on Justin Stodghill’s credentials was received and discussed and adopted with amendments.  It was decided that Justin Stodghill was to remain a member of the Janesville church until he was transferred to a reputable exclusive psalmody denomination.  He was to be allowed to continue to serve on the Manawa/New London temporary session at the discretion of the Janesville church.  An exit report from the Janesville church, as well as a letter from the American Presbytery, would be provided upon transfer to the receiving church.

  • The subject for the papers to be presented and subsequent discussion established at the last presbytery meeting was changed to the following subject:  “to write concerning the matter of the Regulative Principle of Worship and all areas of allowed diversity within the CRPC and whether any allowed practice within the scope of the CRPC constitution requires one to conclude that any within the CRPC who oppose their position are committing sin.”  Pastor Frank Smith from the CRPC and Pastor John Pedersen (Sovereign Grace Church, Gettysburg, PA) were to be the presenters.

  • At the request of the Sheboygan church, for the purpose of convenience of a proposed licensure candidate, the location of the upcoming June presbytery meeting was agreed upon by the Janesville, the convening church, to be in Sheboygan.  (This location was later changed back to Janesville when the Sheboygan church brought forth its intent to withdraw and did not put forth a candidate for licensure which was the sole reason for the location change.)

  • The business being concluded, the meeting was adjourned at 9:19 p.m. CST, February 19, 2007.