Covenant Reformed Presbyterian Church Reports, A Conservative Reformed Denomination

american presbytery short report for


June 11-13, 2007

Prepared by Rev. Rudy Poettcker

·    After submission of credentials and roll call, it was noted that Sheboygan was absent without official notification.  Decided to contact them and request meeting with them, and to discuss this matter later in the meeting.

·    Rev. Dan Gibson was elected as moderator, Rev. Asgar Hamid as secretary, and Rev. Rudy Poettcker as preparer of Short Report.

·    Discussed papers presented in relationship to worship and the use of the “Regulative Principle”, particularly in regard to accusations of sin against those with differ in regards to “allowed diversity”.

·    Received report on the use of the “Good News Bible Study” (which is online) for evangelism and church growth; along with suggestions for improvement. (website: )

·    Received report from member churches (Janesville, Palm Bay, and Suriname) as well as visitor churches (Gettysburg, PA and Des Moines, IA).

·    Discussed the status of the Manawa congregation and temporary Session.  Decided to place this work under the Session of Sheboygan and agreed on communication to Sheboygan concerning this.

·    Discussed communication from Sheboygan, requesting withdrawal.  Agreed on letter of response, stating regret of their absence and thankfulness that they are willing to meet with us (or a delegation of Presbytery), and, out of love of the truth and unity in Christ, pleading with them to follow our covenanted order for withdrawal as stated in DCO chapter 27.

·    Upon request, the Presbytery gave advice to Janesville Session regarding sanctions to Justin Stodghill.

·    Received Overture regarding clarification for the process of calling for an emergency Presbytery meeting.  Overture was agreed upon with some amendments.

·    Received and accepted Overture regarding administrative changes for better clarity.

·    Received Overture on Presbytery meeting dates and times.  It was decided that meetings will begin on Mondays 7:00 PM, till Wednesdays 3:00 PM.

·    Received Overture on Temporary Sessions; unanimously agreed upon.

·    Received and agreed on Overture on “Allowed Issues of Diversity within the CRPC” as a constitutional issue (which means it has to be passed, ratified by each Session, and then revisited and passed in a future meeting).

·    Received Overture on Church Discipline; adopted with amendments.

·    Overture for advice on authority of Congregational Presbyteries to bring charges against a Teaching Elder; and advice given.

·    Appointed committee to discuss matters relating to Sheboygan.

·    Agreed that next Presbytery meeting will be hosted and convened by King’s of Palm Bay, Florida, and held Nov. 5-7.