Covenant Reformed Presbyterian Church Reports, A Conservative Reformed Denomination

american presbytery short report for


Special Presbytery of September 17, 2007

Prepared by Rev. Rudy Poettcker

  • Milton CRPC Session sought advice since they had received a response from Sheboygan regarding the charges against Rev. Frank Smith, and that Sheboygan dismissed the charges based on a letter of defense which Rev. Smith wrote. Milton was advised to appeal the actions of the Sheboygan Session; that a trial is necessary.

  • Rev. Frank Smith also wrote a letter renouncing jurisdiction of the CRPC. It was agreed that such action amounts to an unlawful action which is not at all supported by our Book of Church Government and is a violation of his covenant with the CRPC.

  • The Sheboygan Session also reported that they now hold the ministerial credentials of Rev. Smith. It was agreed that the Session does not have the authority to do so, based on the Book of Church Government (DCO 23:19,20). The action of the Session amounts to usurping the authority of the American Presbytery which in fact holds those credentials and must therefore be requested to pass on those credentials to another authority, and until such action is taken the American Presbytery of the CRPC continues to hold the ministerial credentials of Rev. Smith.

  • A letter was received wherein the Revs. Frank Smith, Marty Waltho, Gene Osborn, and Justin Stodghill declared their credentials to be removed and to have renounced jurisdiction of the American Presbytery, along with the withdrawal of the Sheboygan and New London churches. It was agreed that this action is unlawful since it violates the covenant made within the American Presbytery. Therefore charges must be brought against the three men (Smith, Waltho, and Osborn), to be heard and tried at the November Presbytery. It was decided that a committee will draft these charges and submit them to Presbytery, and that the Clerk will send out the subpoenas for the trial. In regards to Justin Stodghill, he has been defrocked and excommunicated and therefore he is no longer a member of the Church of Jesus Christ, nor a minister of the Gospel, and the American Presbytery no longer has jurisdiction over him.