Covenant Reformed Presbyterian Church Reports, A Conservative Reformed Denomination

american presbytery short report for


November 5-7, 2007

Held at Fellsmere, Florida

  • After submission of credentials and roll call, it was noted that Sheboygan was absent without excuse.

  • Elder Jerry Clay was elected as moderator, Pastor Geoffrey Donnan as secretary, and Pastor Rudy Poettcker as preparer of Short Report.

  • Three observers were present from Sovereign Grace Church, Des Moines, Iowa.

  • Drafted a “Chronology of events leading to schism within the CRPC (by one church, one mission work under a temporary session, and three ministers)”, as a reference for responses to various communications from Justin Stodghill, Frank Smith, and delegates from Sheboygan and New London.

  • Reports were given from each of the churches present.

  • Decided to include in our Constitution a clarification of the use of terms “hell” and “hades” as used in the WCF. This inclusion needs to be ratified in a future meeting.

  • Discussed and agreed on charges against Frank Smith, Marty Waltho, and Gene Osborne, and settled on a statement regarding their ministerial credentials as continuing to reside in the CRPC.

  • Adopted overtures regarding convening church, docket order changes, acknowledgment of receipt of complaints, removing the requirement for counsel in a trial of one who is absent, and change of time for Notice of Intent to Appeal.

  • Discussed the teaching of the WCF in regards to the civil magistrate; the appointed committee will continue its work on this matter.

  • Discussed the matter of our purpose for being a Presbytery; pastor Poettcker was asked to draft a list of introductory understandings for the CRPC.

  • Adopted overture regarding unlawful departure of ministers, and pertaining to changes in the DCO.

  • Next meeting, Lord willing, will be July 21-23/08; to be hosted and convened by Milton CRPC.