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american presbytery short report for


July 8-10, 2013

Held at Ankeny, Iowa

·      CRPC churches were present from Paramaribo, Suriname; Palm Bay, Florida; Des Moines, Iowa; and Durand, Illinois.  Candidate Peter Yuan was welcomed and granted privilege of the floor. 

·     After call to order, opening in prayer, Scripture reading, and singing of a Psalm, credentials were presented and a quorum was declared.  Moderator, secretary and preparer of short report were chosen.  The “Introductory Principles of the CRPC” was read as per our agreed upon practice.

·       Reports were received from each of the churches, along with discussion of various items of praise and concern.

·       Examination of Peter Yuan (this was the primary purpose of Presbytery meeting and took the majority of time).  Areas of examination included exegesis of both Old and New Testaments, sermon, doctrines & creeds, church history, church polity, ethics, pastoral theology & practice, view & knowledge of Scripture, and personal faith & life.  Lord willing, the examination will continue at next Presbytery meeting after submission of further assignments.

·       Agreed upon permanent list of examiners for future examinations and details about the procedure.

·       Gave opportunity for any brotherly admonition.

·       Read and approved short report and approved the concept minutes.

·       The next presbytery will be hosted by King’s Church of Palm Bay on Nov. 18-20.

·       Adjourned in prayer.