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american presbytery short report for


November 11, 2014

Held at Fellsmere, Florida

·      CRPC churches were present from Paramaribo, Suriname; Palm Bay, Florida; and Des Moines, Iowa.


·      After call to order, opening in prayer, Scripture reading, and singing of a Psalm, credentials were presented and a quorum was declared.  Moderator, secretary and preparer of short report were chosen.  The “Introductory Principles of the CRPC” was read as per our agreed upon practice.

·     Reports were received from each of the churches, along with discussion of various items of praise and concern.

·       Accepted report from Rev. Gibson regarding dissolution of church in Illinois.  Agreed on the transfer of memberships to Sovereign Grace church in Des Moines.

·      Sovereign Grace of Des Moines notified Presbytery of Elder Ron Calhoun being given permission to exhort.

·  Presbytery gave advice to Palm Bay Eldership regarding the dealing with the membership of Peter Yuan, and also agreed on a final reply to Peter in regards to his most recent communications to Presbytery.

·      Discussed matters regarding DCO additions and questions which arose for discussion.

·       Gave opportunity for any brotherly admonition.

·       Read and approved short report and approved the concept minutes.

·       The next regular presbytery will be hosted by King’s Church of Palm Bay on Nov. 9-11, 2015.

·       Adjourned in prayer.